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"... houses will be a better investment than stocks over the long term. ...I would buy millions of single family homes if I had the means to manage them."
-Warren Buffett

Kansas City Asset Managers

Kansas City Management Solutions is a premier provider of strategies and services for liquidating non-performing loans and foreclosures. We are centrally located in Kansas City, MO allowing for quick and easy access to all markets throughout the U.S. In addition to our core operations center, we have consultants and business partners located in most major cities throughout the country to ensure that our clients have the advantage of local knowledge and expertise in addition to the cost savings associated with a centralized operation. This gives you a cost-effective, custom solution for liquidating your distressed assets regardless of the location.

Single Source Solution

When liquidating distressed assets, like others, you seek to preserve value, maximize cash flow and optimize your recovery upon sale and you don't have the desire or the time to choreograph the activities of multiple vendors, investors or government entities. From traditional loan servicing (including modifications and short sales) to stabilizing REO's to selling your properties or loans, Kansas City Management Solutions has brought together experts experienced in all areas of asset management. As a single-source provider, Kansas City Management Solutions is ready to help you improve your balance sheet and your bottom line.

Liquidating assets in a manner consistent with your goals and objectives requires an experienced team of experts. Kansas City Management Solutions orchestrates the activities of attorneys, realtors, accountants, contractors and financial experts so that you don't have to. By maintaining an environment of collaboration, each of our unique service divisions can quickly understand the upstream and downstream effects of their decisions ensuring that you realize the optimal outcome.... mitigating your losses while marketing and selling unwanted loans and foreclosed properties fast. And all you need to do is call Kansas City Management Solutions.

Kansas City Management Solutions provides following services: Consulting & Servicing

When it comes to non-performing assets, the most important service that you can provide to your organization is a clear picture of what the problem is and what it's going to take to clean it up.

Whether your assets are loans or properties, Kansas City Management Solutions can provide that insight through a unique combination of "ground intelligence" and analytical & visualization tools that match loan and property data to assist you in understanding your portfolio and making the right decisions.

Kansas City Management Solutions provides the following loan and REO services:

Loan Servicing: Kansas City Management Solutions provides the traditional loan servicing products such as bill presentment, customer service, collections, loss mitigation and foreclosure processing as well as less traditional services like modifications, lease-backs and short sales.

Legal Control Facilitation: Kansas City Management Solutions' works directly with your borrowers, investors, attorneys and government authorities so that when you know a loan is going to default, you can legally take action to protect, market and sell the resulting REOs as quickly as possible with clean title.

Property Stabilization: Once you've gained legal control, Kansas City Management Solutions takes the steps necessary to ensure compliance with local code requirements and to prevent additional vandalism, theft or deterioration thereby preserving maximum asset value.

Property Evaluation: Kansas City Management Solutions provides valuation services so that you know your property's true market value given different liquidation scenarios.


Regardless of the liquidation strategy decided upon, some level of Construction or Rehab expertise is necessary to either maximize your return, minimize your loss or control expenses. Through our extensive vendor relationships, Kansas City Management Solutions coordinates the construction and rehab work to meet your construction objectives.

Kansas City Management Solutions provides the following Construction Services:

Scope of Work: Kansas City Management Solutions can provide you with a professional Scope of Work modified for your geographic location so you know exactly what a project is going to cost before accepting an offer or initiating construction.

Bidding: Kansas City Management Solutions gathers multiple construction bids so that you can be sure to meet or exceed your company's internal bidding process requirements and to get the best cost on your construction needs.

Rehab Construction: Kansas City Management Solutions stands ready to take any project from the Scope of Work phase straight through to buyer or government inspections. Kansas City Management Solutions passes contractor or vendor warranties on to your buyer giving you another marketing advantage over your competitors.

Property Management

From a practical standpoint, the management is the most important aspect of maintaining a property's value until it is sold. While Property Management is not complicated, Kansas City Management Solutions' unique flow through model connects the loan history with the property history and allows for better decisions in all phases. This aspect along with Kansas City Management Solutions' experience and commitment to your objectives is what differentiates Kansas City Management Solutions from all other managers.

Leasing: Kansas City Management Solutions' continual creative marketing ensures a constant flow of both private and subsidized tenants for your properties.

Maintenance: One call or e-mail from you or your tenants assures your properties are maintained as you desire.

Collections/Evictions: Leave the dirty work to us.


With any non-performing asset, it's imperative that an exit strategy be determined as early as possible.

Kansas City Management Solutions has established a national sales network consisting of all types of local and national loan and property buyers. By constantly offering a flow of assets to various channels, Kansas City Management Solutions is able to shorten the sales cycle while maximizing principal recovery.